Le Petit Petit mixes French savoir faire with California cool


Love Parisian fashion but don’t feel like parting with your whimsical, bohemian California girl look just yet? Why not mix the two? At least that’s what former Abercrombie and Fitch designers Logan Weinsieder and Marc Rosenbaum did for their newest clothing label, Le Petit Petit, which they started last March.

Blending Parisian cool with laid-back California chic, Le Petit Petit transforms comfortable, loose-fitting T-shirts into fashionable and flattering focal points for an outfit.  The label is currently only available online, but this hasn’t stopped Le Petit Petit from garnering attention and winning over celebrity fans such as Kelly Osborne and Emmy Rossum. Plans are underway to start selling select pieces from the line at Urban Outfitters stores in the next few months.

The focal point the line is the T-shirt and sweatshirt collection, which is anything but simple. Endearing hand-scrawled doodles and cute phrases, such as “I left my heart in Paris. I left my heart in ice cream,” adorn the shirts, giving them a stylish yet whimsical look. Some of our favorites are the feather-etched Heartbreaker sweatshirt and the purple and black “Make Toast Not War” crop top. The line is also branching out into jackets and vests, starting with an Italian lambskin leather motorcycle jacket and vest.

Not to be forgotten is the Le Petit Petit jewelry line, replete with crystal studded bullet necklaces, double-finger rings, and delicate silver charm necklaces.

Also, keep an eye out for Malibu Native, Le Petit Petit’s more casual sister line, which will be released this summer at Pac Sun stores.

Tees/Tanks: $55; Sweatshirts: $128; Leather Clothing: $850- $1,150; Jewelry: $55-1,100.


–Published in The Los Angeles Times style section on December 27, 2010–


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