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Bacteria on babies depends on delivery

Los Angeles Times, print edition Concern about a newborn’s bacterial flora is not a topic you’re likely to hear discussed in the waiting room of the maternity ward — but that may change. A new study has found that the way in which babies are delivered exposes them to...

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Effect of call-based counseling rings true

Los Angeles Times The therapist-patient relationship is crucial to people battling depression, addiction, weight gain and diabetes. But that relationship might not always have to be in person to be effective. Over the last decade, numerous hospitals and clinics have...

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Salt Room Therapy On Shifty Ground

 The Los Angeles Times  Halotherapy is an alternative therapy for chronic respiratory and skin problems that is modeled after the salt caves and spas that originated more than 200 years ago. LOS ANGELES — Heidi Kling is reading in an all-white room. She’s shoeless,...

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